Giving your text the final polish

For professionals, by professionals. The speedy and efficient way to your perfect text.

Orthographic review by a certified reviewer.
Price per word € 0.04
Review (4-eyes principle)
Dual orthographic review by two certified reviewers.
Price per word € 0.08
Orthographic and stylistic review by a certified editor.
Price per word € 0.10 for texts in German.
Prices for other languages on request.
Minimum order flat-rate € 25.00

How would you like to receive your text amendments/changes?

With our editing and reviewing services, we offer you a variety of amendment options, depending on the document type.

Track-changes mode
In Microsoft Word documents, we can make amendments using the “Track Changes” mode.
Directly in the text
The amendments can only be seen when compared directly with the source text.
Amendments in comment form
In PDF documents, the editors/reviewers make their amendments in the form of comments.
Hand-written proofreading symbols
Upon request, we will print your documents out and send you a PDF scan with hand-written proofreading marks in red ink. | 0800 382 95 66

Please send your request by email or call for free.