Your telephone-based interpreting service: eubylon-direct

With eubylon-direct, you can have a skilled specialist interpreter on the line within minutes whenever you require

Expertise and experience

eubylon’s specialist interpreters have many years of experience and undergo constant training.

Security and confidentiality

Unlike other providers, our exclusive PIN protection prevents improper use by unauthorised persons. Our data protection guidelines comply with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and your conversations are not recorded.

No fixed costs – transparent billing

There are no fixed monthly fees. You will be billed purely according to conversation time from the point that a telephone-based interpreter is on the line. PIN-controlled account management makes it possible to us to bill you accurately based on usage time. You can pay using a pre-paid credit balance or via monthly invoice.

It’s this simple

First, register with eubylon as a corporate customer. You will then be sent all the necessary access information.

Dial the eubylon-direct number

Enter your PIN

Select your language

Switch on loudspeaker / conference-call mode or hand over the receiver to the relevant person

You will be automatically billed accurately to the minute via monthly collective invoice | 0800 382 95 66

Please send your request by email or call for free.